Our Founder

Mark Tuchmann, Founder, BeavEx

“Working at my summer job just before graduating from college, I was in a bank moving some furniture, and I saw an opportunity.” – Mark Tuchmann

Mark founded BeavEx in 1989. Mark felt that service and professionalism are the backbone to the company’s developmental success, but it is the implementation of technology that accelerated the growth and increased customer satisfaction with the benefits of speed and accuracy. He continued to search for and develop new opportunities to expand the scope and breadth of our transportation services to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Our story is classic American. It’s about opportunity, self-reliance, personal accountability and entrepreneurship. We’ve taken some chances along the way, but our people have built a solid business by focusing on taking care of our customers. We’ve had a lot of fun and have come a long way. We believe we are now the leading provider of transportation and logistics solutions in the United States – an organization that because of its physical assets, people, technology and expertise can provide a true competitive advantage. We believe you will agree.