Healthcare Industry

BeavExpedite partners with a wide range of companies in the medical sector, including:

  • Medical Supply Companies
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Hospital networks
  • Laboratories and blood/tissue banks
  • Clinical research organizations
  • Capital equipment providers
  • Pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors

We are equipped to accommodate the special handling needs of specimen and tissue transport, including specimen integrity, OSHA requirements, biohazard issues, and HIPAA compliance. We also have a number of services available for bulk receipt, sorting, cross docking and endpoint delivery/installation of pharmaceuticals, supplies and equipment to healthcare providers and at-home patients. We provide complete reverse logistics for empty container and product returns, even for refrigerated products.


Our owner-operator driver network provides BeavExpedite with access to vehicles across the country. Drivers supporting our medical lab customers are equipped with coolers, ice packs and dry ice to store lab specimens during transport